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10 Poetry Books For Spring 2019

It seems as if poets have taken over many of the writing communities and with good reason. Some of the writing today is simply outstanding. I created a post in the past about 12 Poetry Books You Didn’t Know You Should Read and I wanted to create a new one. So many good books have come out in the last six months. Below you will find 10 of my favorite recent poetry book releases, in no particular order. I hope you’ll check them out and add them to your collection.

Simple Words of a Complex Man – Kevin Schwartzberg

Simple Words of a Complex Man is a poetic story of one man’s journey through love, loss, pain and hope. It is a tale of highs and lows woven into poetry and prose and paired with the author’s own photography. Emotion floods each page, and no soul will be left untouched by the powerful ache felt in every line.

Available in Paperback

Amid Thirsty Vines – Alfa

Themes of self-discovery, tending the garden of the soul, and nurturing yourself into blossom, Amid Thirsty Vines by Instagram poetry star Alfa is the collection you need to feel the power of the beautiful flowers within you, and to find the love you deserve. This volume belongs in the collection of every modern poetry fan.

Available in Paperback and EBook

Conversations With My Higher Self – Rachel Finch

British poet Rachel Finch is the powerhouse behind the Bruised But Not Broken community on Facebook, which provides support and healing for trauma survivors. She is a symbol of hope and light throughout the world.

Conversations With My Higher Self recounts Finch’s personal experience with a near death, out-of-body life-changing event during the delivery of her eldest daughter. Written in beautiful and mesmerizing verse, Conversations With My Higher Self is a provocative book. Honest, spiritual, and cathartic, Finch gives us a tantalizing glimpse of what is on the other side- transformation, light and love.

Available in Paperback

Sacrifice & Bloom – Arpil Y. Spellmeyer

Sacrifice & Bloom is about turning pain into power. April Spellmeyer takes pieces of her soul and turns them into a stunning mosaic of hope. From the first piece to the last, you’ll embark on a journey that will leave you with a reminder that you’re not alone. Beautifully written, Sacrifice & Bloom is a must have for any lover of poetry.

Available in Paperback

Season of the Sorceress: Poetry and Prose – Melody Lee

Bestselling poet Melody Lee brings us her third book, Season of the Sorceress. The collection is broken down into four sections: Fireflies, Wildflower Moon, Black Widow and Rebirth. Lee paints personal experiences and tragedies elegantly into poetry and prose: life lessons of hope, empowerment, enlightenment. She brings the reader with her on her journey of enlightenment and rebirth. Lee has a magical way of connecting her reader to her stories, her poetry, her heart. She begins with self-reflection, by takings us back to her childhood, tapping into memories and base emotions. Her words flow like water from a sacred fountain. Lee writes about love—agape, eros, philia— being broken by it, growing and finding enormous strength from it. “Without love we are empty vessels, a mass of nothingness. There is no greater power than love, even when it burns us and hurts like hell. Always there is something divine that emanates from love.” She scatters ashes of romance in each chapter, interlaced with mystical and witchy themes. And true to her free spirit, you feel the gypsy heartbeat pulsing throughout the book.

Available in Paperback

The Lithium Chronicles: Volume One – Nicole Lyons

Bestselling Canadian poet Nicole Lyons weaves together beloved pieces from her previous volumes Hush, I Am a World of Uncertainties Disguised as a Girl, and Blossom and Bone with new writing into powerful documentation of her journey as a writer. Her poetry and prose are wholly relatable, taking us deep inside the heart, and the human condition. Unafraid to bare her soul, she shares her struggles skillfully crafted with every line, giving the reader permission to take a glimpse into their own. Her readers are sensitive and smart, and Lyons understands this.

The Lithium Chronicles is her most ambitious and brazen work to date, and she delivers above and beyond. It is art, a collection of writing that makes you feel deeply and also makes you feel understood on a level that is not always there in society or our day-to-day lives.

Available in Paperback

The Waves, The Moon and You – Melissa Danielle Wilder

Melissa Wilder uses her personal inspiration of her life and pens some of the most motivating and heartfelt pieces about heartache, love, and everything in between.

Available in Paperback

Petals of the Moon: A Poetry Collection – C. Churchill

Petals of the Moon is a collection of poems that take the reader through the journey of night. Many nights we toss and turn for several different reasons. Petals of the Moon explores the emotions of darkness. Longing, anxiety and escape are just some of the things we experience when the lights go out. As lonely as nights can become, just know you are not alone. Haiku and Nature poetry similar to the style of Mary Oliver and Rumi fill this collection. This poetry book is filled with raw emotion and the author has created a healing journey from start to finish.

Available in Paperback and Ebook

The Wild Keeps Her Holy – Tiffany Aurora

Aurora’s 2nd Amazon bestselling collection of grief/nature/haiku themed poetry. Every piece having been lovingly placed on each page, within five distinct chapters… for a structured healing journey that will appeal most to readers who are willing to take it fully & in the chronological order in which it was written.

The book title & overall themes are inspired by the author’s exit from her lifelong membership in the mormon church, after surviving & coming to terms with the ongoing abuse she experienced as a young teenager, in a religious setting. In this modern collection… Aurora describes how she ultimately found strength, holiness, & peace not within the walls of a church building… but in the arms of the wild & her loved ones.

Aurora takes us through the grieving process… as she uses mother nature in simple but meaningful ways, to convey how she completely lost & found her identity again, as a fully grown adult, wife, & mother. Tiffany writes with her own unique & contemporary style, sealed with a classic twist. This trek through different seasons, terrains, & the elements… touches on self-love, heartbreak, relationships, depression, anxiety, forgiveness, & ultimately moving forward. Nature themed imagery, dripping with the universe & real human thought & emotion… makes this collection relevant to anyone who has ever lost & found themselves again.

Available in Paperback

Honeysuckle and Forgiveness – Jessie Michelle

“I bathe in honeysuckle and forgiveness. One for my skin, the other for my soul.” Honeysuckle and Forgiveness is a step away from the usual pieces by Jessie Michelle. It is a poetry collection that helps the reader to (re)learn to love themselves. This book touches on body image, self love and acceptance.

Available in Paperback

Be sure to check out Jay Long’s books.

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