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10 Songs and Famous Quotes I Wish I Had Written

As a writer I always feel like I’m my own worst critic. I scour over what I write. I second guess my thoughts and reasoning until I finally give in and send my pathetic words out to be picked apart and thrown to the wayside by all that read them.

Or at least that’s how it feels.

For me my words are my babies…and I hate feeling like an inadequate parent. Anyone that has ever created anything, whether it be a song or a novel or a painting or a sculpture – anything that you put yourself into – knows exactly what I am talking about.

If you haven’t ever created something then allowed the public to see it, hear it, read it – I implore you to do it. At least once. It’s a most humbling experience. But when you get it right and you connect with your ‘audience’ it’s the most invigorating feeling in the world.

I’m sure every artist sits back and thinks; “Man I wish I had painted ‘The Mona Lisa’ or ‘The Starry Night’ cool would that have been?!”

For me as a writer there are a few things I wish I had written – songs and quotes in particular. I’ve put a small collection of each that really have connected with me and I’m sure others as well.

These are the things I daydream about and say “I wish I had written that.”

My Top 5 Wish I had Wrote That Songs

Free Bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd
Yesterday by The Beatles
Behind Blue Eyes – The Who
Beth by Kiss
Thank You Led Zeppelin

My Top 5 Wish I had Wrote That Quotes

What we think, or what we know, or what we believe is, in the end, of little consequence. The only consequence is what we do.
— John Ruskin

Advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer but wish we didn’t. — Erica Jong

Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly. – Robert F. Kennedy

The best portion of a good man’s life is his little nameless,unencumbered acts of kindness and of love. – Wordsworth

Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale. – Hans Christian Anderson

There are really countless additions that could be made to these two lists but I included the five for each that really stick out for me. Ill finish with a quote of my own so maybe someone, somewhere, someday will say, ‘I wish I wrote that.’

All my wrong turns have gotten me to the right place – Jay Long

Do you have a favorite quote or song lyric? What is it?

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  1. Deb Morris Deb Morris

    Indeed I do Jay it may never mean a thing to anyone but me but it changed my life forever .i often ask myself what does my love look like 💝

    “Live your love “

  2. Debbie Debbie

    I know I read this in a book..
    But I’m sure it’s been around do a long time..

    ” Just because you can… Doesn’t mean you should”

    And it’s become a philosophy..

  3. I enjoy reading your website. It was very remarkable. 🙂

  4. Great site. Just had a quick read.

  5. Lisa Brown Lisa Brown

    “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose”…Janis Joplin

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