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5 Social Media Platforms For Writers

Aside from growing your own personal author’s website, Social Media is a must need for building a platform. There are many smaller networks out there like, VERO, MIRAKEE and even SNAPCHAT but currently, there are 5 social media networks I use and feel writers can use for their benefit.


Facebook is the king of all social media platforms. With over 2 Billion users each month and over 65 million businesses using the platform for building their brand, Facebook is at the top looking down. And although recent changes to Facebook’s algorithm has limited the reach of pages, there are other ways to utilize the platform. Facebook groups, boosted posts, Facebook ads, and Facebook live are all ways to increase fan base and reach those interested in your message.

Join me on my writing page on Facebook and if you are interested in sharing your own writing or read that of others check out The Writer’s Offering, a Facebook group dedicated to writers and writing.


YouTube is a video-based platform, owned by Google. That feature may make you wonder why YouTube is on this list for writers. The answer is simple. YouTube is the second largest social media site on the web, with 1.9 billion monthly users. As a writer, one must think outside the box on a visually driven platform. YouTube can be used for an audiobook style release of an upcoming book synopsis or reading the first chapter of a new release. Spoken word poetry is also a big draw on the YouTube platform. With the popularity of reality TV, why not create a vlogging series – the life in a day of a writer; where you are the star. Videos are a great way writers can add a very personal feel to the connection between themselves, their fans and followers.

Check out my YouTube channel. It has a little bit of dust on it but a full revamp is underway with all new projects and writing series in the works. So hit the subscribe button and the bell icon to be notified when anything new is uploaded.


Instagram is owned by Facebook and the social media platform offers just over 1 billion users per month. Instagram is used as a photo and video sharing social media app. The platform allows you to share a wide range of content such as photos, videos, daily stories, and live videos. Recently Instagram launched IGTV for longer-form videos to help compete with YouTube. The social media platform is completely based on sharing photos and videos allowing creative users a great outlet for sharing their writing.

You can find me on Instagram as WriterJayLong


Twitter may be the trickiest of the social media platforms. With over 335 million monthly users, Twitter is a real-time based platform. Growing your fan base through Twitter is a long and winding road. What Twitter may best be used for, is gathering information. Many larger brands use Twitter and that’s where the benefit really is. The knowledge base found on Twitter is very impressive. The site is used for all genres and niches. The focus is truly one of ‘what’s happening now’ in news, entertainment, sports, politics, and more. Twitter is a great way to get messages out to your followers, as well as keep up to date with those you follow in real-time. That feature alone makes Twitter worth a spot on this list as a great customer service platform.

If you’re part of the Twitterverse feel free to say ‘hey’ and give me a follow on Twitter and I’ll do the same.


Pinterest has been around since early 2010. Initially, it was a wonderful place to find DIY projects, tasty recipes and see interesting places. More recently the platform has been a go-to spot for those looking to discover new things or to be inspired. With just around 250 millions monthly users, Pinterest gives you a unique opportunity to catch the wave and create your presence within this upcoming social media platform to grow your brand. What I love about Pinterest, is even though it’s very social, it’s technically a search engine. Google owns the platform therefore what is found on Pinterest holds a lot of juice within Google’s search results as well. Keep that in mind when you’re creating PINS.

I am new to Pinterest but I find it to be very useful.

With anything, how each social media platform works has a slight learning curve. Take some time to look over other accounts similar to yours. Study what works and put it to use for yourself. Don’t be discouraged if things grow slowly. The important thing is growth. If something isn’t working reassess and revamp. It’s also important to note, there are plenty of companies selling you “real” followers. Don’t buy into it. They are all scams and all go against the terms of service of every social media platform.

What social media platforms are you on? What one do you find the most useful? Share your experience in the comments below.

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