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Blog Carnival: What Does the World Need to Hear Right Now?

At the beginning of July, I posted a question to the Facebook writer’s group I run with the idea of sharing each of their responses here. I wanted to create a monthly blog carnival and felt it would be a great way for a community of writers, with different views, to come together and share their thoughts.

Each of us has a voice. With any luck we allow that voice a platform – and when others share it, whether they agree with it or not – the voice is heard. That is what is important. We all have a unique message. It is my hope these blog carnivals will give voices to words that may not have been heard otherwise.

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Blog Carnival July 9, 2019

What Does the World Need to Hear Right Now?

We live in a time that is much different than anything we’ve ever seen or come to know. Our nation has become separated. We as a whole, need to find a balance once again between taking care of ourselves and having compassion for our fellow man and woman. The only way to do that is to remain steady and stable. If we are to survive as one, each of us has to be self-sufficient and reliable along the journey. Let acceptance and love shine bright to light the way. Our actions will be the fuel that feeds the fire for change.

As a nation, we’ve turned to finger pointing far too often. No one takes responsibility for their actions, their words, or faults. It seems entitlement has taken the place of hard work. Anger and violence have replaced tolerance. And Love for one another has been shut out and replaced by selfishness.

My personal take on the way things are is simple – we rely too heavily on what we’re being told instead of trusting what we experience and know. So many people today believe opinion over facts. Seek the truth. It’s out there.

What the world needs to hear right now is simple – things will be OK.

– Jay Long

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