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Creative Minds Need to Unwind and Relax

As a creative individual, I find the need to reset to be such a vital part of my process. It’s truly amazing how outside forces impact the thought process and more importantly how it can stifle creativity. Being a writer my work space is about 9 inches above my mouth and thankfully those thoughts make it to the paper without too much of a detour. But when the ideas are jumbled or stress levels rise, concentration is the first thing to suffer.

Wildwood New Jersey

At least once a year I ‘escape’ and enjoy a getaway to a place with the least amount of stress I can imagine. I jump in my car and head down to enjoy the sun, sea and air of Wildwood, New Jersey. A place I have visited since the mid 90’s, usually smack dab in the middle of summer. For the past five years however, I have changed my time away to mid September. I decided that time of year for its peace and quiet. School is back in session and most of the summer hoopla is over. I am at times the only one in the pool or relaxing on the sun deck. I usually bring a couple of books and of course a notebook and trusty pens. I keep my online interaction to a minimum and try to stay off the grid as best I can. It truly is a time to re-align.


Although I allow myself a few day trips or sometimes 2 days to getaway during the year, this week in September really is a bit of a calm before the storm. I seem to get much more done during the Fall and Winter months than I do in Summer and late Spring. I’m sure I’m not the only one but the week I take is my kick off party. I double if not triple my output in the four months following the break than the four months prior to it. It works for me. It comes at just the right time and it affords me the relief I need.

What do you do to relax or relieve stress? Where do you go to unwind, even if for a day?

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  1. Dennis Shepherd Dennis Shepherd

    I take an afternoon to watch old black and white tv shows, or just go for a drive through the country. I like your write here Jay, and I have also seen many talented writers get burned out & just let go of it because of trying too hard. A small mental vacation does a lot for a person.

  2. Candy Barton Candy Barton

    I love to go to the ocean for a week……… sometime between June & Sept………chill & forget the world! I LOVE NYC, but although super fun, it is far from relaxing because I am on the GO all the time & usually the tour guide for friends who want to go but are afraid. For short “breaks” I get in my hot tub here at home or just shut down & avoid life – which isn’t healthy, but life gets the best of me!

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