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Easter Sunday Thoughts in the Time of Covid-19

No matter your faith, Easter at its core is a day of new beginnings – a letting go of the past and opening yourself up to the possibilities to come.

We are living in trying times.

So many of us locally, nationwide, and globally have been impacted in one way or another. Today I celebrate life, not only mine but my family and friends. I am grateful for the memories that have been made up until this point and look forward to creating new ones in the near future.

My wish is somehow humanity will see this as a pause in the ways we’ve been living and can make changes in order to adapt to a more selfless lifestyle – that in the aftermath of all of this, we as a whole can become more self-reliant and understanding. In this instant gratification way of things we currently live in, empathy has been lost. The respect and caring I grew up seeing have left us. We need to get that back because without mercy we are all condemned.

During the early stages of this Covid-19 mayhem, I saw greed and reckless behavior due to the unknown. But as the weeks have rolled on I am witness to countless acts of compassion and kindness – all done with strength and humility. So on this day of renewal, it is those visions I build my hope of tomorrow being a better day for all of us.

Wherever you are in this world, love one another – it’s all we’ve got.

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  1. Michelle Michelle

    I agree… I live in California, and I am brought to tears every day, by the actual humanity being displayed by the people of this state, as well as the Country. We are reminded that we are a free and Democratic society that can pull together and help one another, regardless of ones Creed, Race, or Politics.

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