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How I Create My Perfect Writing Space

For as long as I’ve been writing, I have been able to concentrate even in less than perfect surroundings. That can be music, the TV on with a show or movie playing, outside activities – all just become background noise for me.

When I am in writing mode, nothing can distract me unless another person is within my space. I don’t mean if I am in public, like a library or coffee shop, unless they sit right next to me. But if they are going about their day in a somewhat normal manner, I can just phase them out and stay inside my own pseudo bubble.

I love getting into the zone. Before I became a full-time writer and author, I ran an online local news website for 5 years. Each morning I found myself sorting through press releases and obtaining information on breaking and developing news stories. Once things settled down I’d find myself in my own world producing story after story without many distractions. It’s a lot like how I attack my day now. I have a set number of words, pages, or pieces and once I get started, I do my best to complete them with minimal interference.

I often see others in my Facebook writer’s group ask about or talk about their ideal writing space. They mention lighting, seating, desk size, and what they need within that space to properly write. I have my own writing space in my home but I actually write outside of that space more often than not. My needs are minimal when it comes to writing comfortably. I just need to be alone – by myself. I’m not anti-social, I simply create my own area; even if that area is within a space filled with others.

At home, I have a writing desk, with a countless amount of pads and a stupid assortment of pens. I also have a 17″ laptop where all the final magic happens. I guess you can say I am a two-step writer. I write most of my pieces with paper and pen first then I edit and type it out resulting in the final result.

If I am away from my house, I always have a pad and pen with me and I often try and find a body of water to settle down near. Something about it just soothes me. I love writing outside and if I am honest, it’s my perfect writing space. My head is clear. My mind is open to thought and stress keeps itself clear until I am through with the creative process.

No matter what kind of writer you are, you need a dedicated space where you can be creative, and write comfortably. Whether that is a dedicated space within a bedroom, a fully designed writing room, or even a fresh air space outdoors, surround yourself with the tools you need to succeed. We all have our own idea of what the perfect atmosphere for writing is – your ability to concentrate and focus will depend on the space you create. So don’t be afraid to add some flare and make it your own.

Do you have a favorite place to write? How about any tips on creating a great writing space? Post your comments below and let me know.

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