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The One Thing That Changed My Writing Career

I have been writing since I can remember. In fact, when I was a young child I would emulate my mother’s writing. I’d take a black felt pen along with a yellow legal pad and simply pretend I was making words. Line after line I’d scribble in blocks of ‘cursive’ writing. To this day, I have a love affair with pens and pads. I even get care packages from friends and fans sending me different types of notebooks, journals, and an assortment of pens for writing. To me those little packages are priceless. So you can say writing has been a lifelong journey.

In December of 2014, I decided to create a Facebook page to highlight my poetry and prose style pieces. I wanted a place to send those interested in reading what I had to write. Since those early days, the Writer Jay Long page has accumulated tens of thousands of followers. The page connected me to so many and gave my words a voice. But had it not been for the guidance and trust of Stephanie Bennett Henry, my page would have died a long slow death before it had time to see the true light of day.

I had read Stephanie’s posts and would comment here and there on them. After about a year I reached out to share my page with her and honestly, the rest is history. She took me under her wing and offered me some very well needed advice. She introduced me to so many great writers in the community and I was humbly accepted by them. Since our first interaction, we have grown together as writers, friends, and confidants. I truly am grateful. It’s amazing how one moment in time can impact our journey.

Chances are if you are somewhat successful, there has been someone in your corner a time or two. While there are plenty of self-made successes out there, I know my own personal story has included many who have helped me along the way. But without that one particular individual, my writing career may have never left the ground. Stephanie’s generosity and guidance made the difference in my growth. Her friendship has impacted my life and our bond will hopefully last throughout our lifetime.

In the highly competitive online writing community, it is rare to find someone so selfless. Stephanie Bennett Henry has shown me what the word unconditional means. Her belief in me changed my path. She is my colleague and fellow wordsmith but, more importantly, she is my friend.

If you’d like to follow Stephanie Bennett Henry, you can find her on Facebook and Instagram. Take a few minutes to read her writing. Her words will move you, change how you look at things, and you’ll never be the same. Thankfully, neither will I.

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  1. Lisa Lisa

    That is awesome I have had the liberty to meet her in person for a while daily, I know her mother anyway she is a great person and very supportive… I Went with her to the hospital when she was sick at one time she is as real as it gets…. I Truly love her writing and her but she is definitely down to earth and real… Love you Stephanie Bennett-Henry 💜♥️💞🤗

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